Monday, March 3, 2008


This thing is really cool. The Zeno Acne Device clears pimples with just a simple click! Said to clearly "outsmart" pimples, we've heard the same. Although it's pricey (over $150) and requires replacement tips, we're sure you can find a cheap one on eBay.


"Zeno is a hand-held battery-operated device designed with a tip that heats to a pre-set temperature. The biocompatible tip is designed for direct contact with a blemish on the skin. Once in contact with a blemish, the tip will transfer heat into the follicle. An internal PID controller chip continually modulates the temperature to a fixed range even under different skin and circulation conditions by adjusting the flow of energy to match precisely the heat absorption of the individual user. Zeno’s microprocessor adapts not only to your individual skin type but also to the heat absorption characteristics of the location of the pimple. Your Zeno adapts to you! An integral digital timer controls the treatment time. The level of heat does not cause skin damage."


I'm scouring eBay right now for a cheap one =)