Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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Tip #1: Change jar.
Collect all of the change around your house and save ALL of your change from all of your cash purchases that you make. At the end of the month (or when the jar is full), take all of your change to a coin star or roll it yourself. I personally do this, and find myself making an extra $200-$300 dollars every 3-6 months.

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Tip #2: Start a small business.
Yes, it can take a lot of work, but be very worthwhile in the end. Search the web for ideas for a small business, or take one of your passions and turn it into some kind of moneymaking opportunity.

Tip #3: Upgrade your savings account.
What would the difference between 1% to 2% annual interest mean to you? For some, it can mean a lot of money. For others, it can mean some extra change to buy stuff. No matter the case, an upgraded savings account is worthwhile. Many banking institutions now offer an upgrade to your account if you decide to create an internet savings account.