Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This week it was all about the 3 Davids of the show...what is it about the name David anyway?

After watching a news story about how David Hernandez strips, he then proceeded to perform on American Idol. It was a great performance, probably his best. He really had stage presence tonight.

Once again, David Archuleta never fails! He is destined to win. This week wasn't his best though, still showing that he is indeed, a human. I'd have to agree with Simon; he should have stayed on the piano through entire performance.

And last but not least, was David Cook. It was a great song choice and he sang it well.

I can definitely see these 3 making it into the top 6, but with such good performances from all of the guys, who knows?


Sue said...

David Cook is my fav. so far for the guys!

a.m. said...

after David Archuleta, dave cook is my fav too sue