Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Again, these 3 always bring a good show.

The clear-cut winner of tonight's show was David Archuleta! His performance of "The Long and Winding Road" was, as Simon said, "masterclass."

Carly gave a strong performance in my eyes, even if Simon didn't really feel it was her best. I personally like the song "Black Bird" and felt her description of what she was going through was interesting (minus the sympathetic undertone).

Dave Cook was spot-on again this week, despite his always-a-rocker appearance. I had never heard the song before and found it to be quite good. The use of the voice box was a nice touch.

Going home: Once again I have to say, Kristy Lee Cook is again in danger! I can't think of anyone who deserves to go home more. Unfortunately, Michael Johns is a distant second, with his mess of a performance tonight. Results tomorrow!

BONUS: See David Archuleta's performance from tonight.


GeeWindu said...

I agree that Michael did a really bad job. I think he has a shot at going along with Ramiele, Chikeze, and I think Kristy has good chance at leaving but I think it should be Michael as Kristy never got to do country week and she definitely isn't going to come out with a Beatles cd. Plus she did tons better than last week. I'm hoping it's Michael out of those two.
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cuddles said...

i agree that david archuleta was outstanding as i think he is every week...i like michaels, carly and david cook also...however i think that amanda should seriously go home this week...the other contestants "change it up" every week but amandas performances are the same week after week and its getting boring..simon even said what alot of us viewers have said about it plus shes letting it go to her head and getting arrogant...even though michaels and kristy might b at the bottom 3 too i think it will be and should b amanda going home

Anonymous said...

I <3 Archie!!!!! he is truly the best in the competition... even though i did want Michael to be runner-up... now that he's off the show i want Cookie (David) to be runner-up! DA is the best and will always be the American Idol i know and love now and 4ever. but not trying to be rude or anything (just stating my opionion) i dont like any other Idol except for Micahel and both Davids.
~ DavidArchuletafan191 ~