Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, the season premiere of the bachelor is over and here are some thoughts.


Matt's a really nice, down to earth, genuine guy. Good job, nice car, height, English. I think this season will be interesting to say the least. Most of the women have something in common with Matt, since he's easy to talk to. He was making his rounds but some of the women got more camera time than others.

I was shocked to hear that Shayne is actually Lorenzo Lamas' daugther. That was an interesting twist. I wasn't sure I heard it correctly at first (because of her drunken mindset) but yep, it is her. I think she has a good shot with him (since she's hot), or maybe being the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas lowers her chances?

He really connected with some of the beautiful women, and others, not so much. Stacy was kind of a disaster, no chemistry whatsoever there. There was some chemistry with hottie Amanda, hence the first impression rose. Others that I saw chemistry with; Ashlee, Chelsea, Erin H., Erin S., and Shayne. For the others, I'll have to continue to watch and see how it unfolds between them.

At this point in the show, it's far too hard to even guess who he will choose.


GumSHOE said...

Yep, I had pretty much the same feelings as you-but I think Shayne will be gone sooner than ya thinK lol