Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5 Nighttime Essentials

The Pajama Bottom:
These pajama bottoms by Calvin Klein are perfect. Lightweight, comfortable, and a nice solid color. $20. Link

The T-shirt:
This t-shirt from Hanes works great an an undershirt but also a nighttime shirt as well. It's tagless and at an affordable price, you can't go wrong. $10 for 3 Package. Link

The slipper:
Club Room Tipper Slipper from Macy's is amazing for that morning walk to get the paper. A rugged bottom and suede top makes for a long-lasting and essential slipper. Not to mention it comes in 2 colors. $30. Link

Need to stay warm and avoid the uncomfortable feeling of cold? 2 more essentials after the break.

Loungewear Hoodie:
Polo by Ralph Lauren Lightweight Velour Hooded Crew and Pants are imminent during those cold winter days. Whether you're lying around the house or walking down the block, you'll always be comfortable. 2 colors available. $44-46. Link

The robe:
Last but not least is a handy robe. If you get the chills and need something to throw over you, you can always call upon a trusty robe. Your robe should be luxurious and most importantly soft. Ralph Lauren's Kimono Robe is all of that and more. $75. Link


AdamSka said...

I have those slippers and I've gotta say, they're unbelievably comfy

Thanx for all the stuff you write man, I love this site